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Many people ask why we choose an administrative job. Sitting in front of a screen or on the phone all day. They don't like this and administration is often seen as a necessary evil that they want to spend as little time on as possible. Something boring

Logically, we also prefer to do what we like to do.

Are you self-employed or a small SME (in construction, care, liberal profession, etc.) and is recruiting a permanent administrative employee too big a leap?

OR is your permanent administrative employee temporarily out due to illness or pregnancy,...

OR do you temporarily have a large project and this requires a lot of administrative work?

Make an appointment. Together we will see what we can do for each other during an introductory meeting.

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Ilse Belaen

After 15 years of employment as an HR Professional and office manager, I made in 2022 the switch to Freelancer.

I offer support for both your general administration, HR or project support. 

I am also a level 3 prevention advisor and can offer you support in this as well

Benjamin Nicasens

I have 25 years of experience as a business manager in the construction sector. 
Now that I take a bit more of a back seat in my own business, I want to share my experience as a freelancer.

I can support you in preparing financial reports and analyses.

In addition, I keep you accounts payable and accounts receivable.

You can also count on me for assistance with financial processes.