About me

foto: Aurélie Geurts

I 'm Ilse Belaen. With about 15 years of experience in administration, I'm now starting my own business.

Many people ask me why I choose an administrative job. Sitting in front of a screen or hanging on the phone all day. They don't like this and the administration is often seen as a necessary evil where they want to invest as little time as possible. Something boring

Logically, I also prefer to do what I like to do.

Are you an independent or small company and is recruiting a permanent administrative force a big step?

OR you don't  know which documents you need to work in Belgium, 

OR you don't  understand enough Dutch to read through contracts and other documents,

OR is your permanent administrative force temporarily out  to illness or pregnancy,...

OR do you temporarily have a large project and this requires a lot of administrative work?

Make an appointment. 

Together we look what your needs are during an introductory meeting.