You love your job? 

I love your administration .

Do you prefer to focus on what you like to do rather than the administrative tasks
I can help you on daily, weekly or monthly basis. 


General Administration 

Vehicle Management 

Personnel Admininstration 

General Administration

  • Formatting templates and documents
  • Follow-up and making of orders (office material, marketing material, business gifts,...)
  • Drawing up invoices on the basis of work orders,...
  • NO accounting work

Vehicle Management

  • Drafting Carpolicy
  • Start-up and track tracking system
  • Scheduling inspection and maintenance

Personnel Administration

  • Daily Check in at work registration
  • Dimona en Limosa 
  • Processing working orders
  • Drawing up and reviewing contracts

This is only a fraction of what I do,  feel free to contact me if you want more info.