You love your job? 

I love your administration .

Do you prefer to focus on what you like to do rather than the administrative tasks
I can help you on daily, weekly or monthly basis. 



Location description

Prevention and Safety 


  • Support with recruitment and startup of new employees, 
  • Processing working orders 
  • Support if you work with subcontactors 
  • Fleet managemnt 
  • start-up and maintenance of track and trace system 
  • NO accounting work

Location Description

  • Location description of property  at the start and/or end of a lease
  • Location descriptoin at start of works - environmental work 

Prevention and Safety 

  • Prepartion welcoming brochure 
  • Advice on the purchase of safety equipment, machines, ... 
  • Codex inventory Asbest

This is only a fraction of what I do,  feel free to contact me if you want more info.